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Just Breathe…

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Baby I can’t see you anymore
Ever since the day you showed me the door
Baby I don’t know just what to do
Cuz’ I still can’t get over you
I can’t get over you baby

I can’t eat and I can’t sleep
I don’t feel the same
Would you forgive me
You know I’m the one to blame
Cuz’ I, I need you
I want to get out of the rain
Would you forgive me you know I’m the one to blame

Feel like two left feet that don’t know how to dance
Only would you give me one more last chance
Cuz’ I promise to do all I can for you baby
There’s nothing more I want than to be your man
To be your man baby


Oh I, I promise
All I can for you baby


Would you
Forgive me

Who's The Lonely One

Been walkin’ round in circles
Tryin’ to get things straight
But it’s been to long now
I guess that it’s too late

Been holdin’ on to something
That I guess I’ll never have
Can you tell me how a good love
Can go so bad

Who’s the lonely one
Now that you’re gone
Who will be the one
To write your next love song
Who’s the lonely one
Now that you’re gone
And who will be the one
To help you
Carry on

The most fragile things in life
Are a promise and a heart
One without the other
Slowly falls apart

For a knight in shining armor
I guess I wasn’t yours
So how can we communicate
When we are slammin’ doors


You're The One

Sittin’ on an old park bench
Tryin’ to think of where you went
As the lovers pass me by

Maybe it was something I did
The words I thought got stuck in my head
Now who said time does fly

Baby you’re the one
I miss you so now I’ve come undone
Cuz’ you were the one for me
N’ maybe I treated you wrong
My heart just cannot seem to go on
Cuz’ you were the one for me

And the clouds are rolling in
It fits my mood just once again
Now what if I said I’m sorry

And I watch a lonely song bird sing
I wonder if he’s wondering
While he’s watching me


There were times when I wouldn’t give
Well how was I to know you were my reason to live
You were one of those things I took for granted


The rain slowly starts to fall
There were times I thought I’d seen it all
But nothings the same without you

Just Breathe

Pretty simple feelings
But complicated circumstances
I can’t help myself
But to take these chances

When the walls come down and leave me exposed
Well I’ll know this is what I asked for
And this is what I choose

You don’t have to a thing no nothing at all
Lay your face upon my shoulder and in love we’ll fall
You might get caught up in the pleasure of the pain
But I can’t stop myself and I can not restrain

Can’t imagine where it is I came from
And all this baggage just won’t fit under my thumb

Are you sure you’re up for something like this
It may be quite a jump baby
It may be quite a risk


Pretty simple feelings
But complicated circumstances

But I can’t help myself
I can’t help myself…


Why don’ you just breathe

Don't Know If I Wanna Know

That ring on your finger promises you to another man
What your doing beside me is something I don’t understand

Is this a trap your setting will lightning strike me from above
And could you be here with me because your really not in love

Don’t know if I wanna know
The reason why you followed me home
The reason why you stayed
And didn’t run away back to him

What’s he gonna say if he finds out about me
Will you remember not to smile if we pass by one the street

Love makes no promises, so if your left out in the rain
Don’t fight fate baby, cuz’ it’s fate that you should blame


That ring on your finger
Promises you to another man

Take Me Home (Blues Jam)

Baby, I need your love
I wanna be your little rub-a-dub-dub
It could feel so good
So good to make you shiver
I’m gonna give you some of them love a love quivers

Son of a gun
You still make my blood run

Take me home
Take me home tonight
We could shack up baby
Whoa we could go all night
Livin’ is love
And lovin’ is livin’
Gonna give you a little gift of my givin’
I knew all along
That you’d come on strong

Come on baby now
I can’t keep up to you
No one can love me like the way that you do
You keep me comin’
Comin back for more
Come tomorrow morning my back will be sore

Son of a gun
You still make my blood run


Slow down baby now
Let’s go back to sleep
Whoever said that talk was so cheap
Well I’ll see you tomorrow
Until the sunrises
We’ll both be here for plenty of surprises

Son of a gun
you still make my blood run


Flutter By Butterfly

I met a joker
And I played the fool
I’m living life without a care
Bouncing from rule to rule

I’ve played with fire
And I’ve got burned
Now I’m sitting in the gutter
Just thinking of what I learned

You play the game
And you take a chance
If beauty is the devil
I’ll ask for one last dance

A heart of sorrow
And a life of grief
For mistakes that I have made
There is no sign of relief

So flutter by dear butterfly
Nothings gonna stand in your way
So flutter by dear butterfly
Take me on a trip out on your wing someday

A fallen angel
Comes crashing to the ground
To watch me from the shadows
And scream a silent sound

Sometimes I feel like
My life is such a mess
I’m searching for the answers
That somehow suit me best

There’s large injections
Of open space
Somehow lodged inside my brain
That don’t even leave a trace

I keep my problems
Locked up so you can’t see
So deep inside my head
Under lock and key


Sister Mary

Well, Sister Mary
I remember you
The nights we’d sit alone
With nothing better to do

You’d talk religion
And all about my soul
And the holy rollers
Who don’t know where we’ll go
When we die, when we die

Well, Sister Mary
I think I’ve got a plan
It may not mean much to you
But try n’ understand

That I ain’t thinking
About where I’m gonna go
Life’s to short for that
Just sit back enjoy the show
And get high, and get high

Sister Mary
I still remember
You’re heart was as pure as the snow
Sister Mary
Well I can’t forget ya’
Can’t help wonderin’ where did you go
Sister Mary

Well, Sister Mary
Sorry I’ve done you wrong
But would you give me strength
The strength to carry on

And maybe someday
Maybe we could share a cloud
If that’s too much to ask
Then tell that you were proud
‘Cuz I tried, Oh I tried


We’ll, Sister Mary
Memories will fade away
But I’ll remember you
Until my dying day

If I could have seen
The world through your eyes
I might have had the chance
To tell you goodbye


All We Need (Is Love)

When I hold you in my arms
Nothing here could bring you harm
So take my hand and don’t be scared
‘Cuz what we have is what we share

Someone said that love was blind
Then let them come and take my eyes
When you want you have to give
‘Cuz in my heart is where you live

All we need is love
All we need is love
All we need is love sweet love
All we need is love

When a flower blooms and dies
It will always symbolize
Romeo and Juliet
Please let me interpret


Hey, How've Ya' Been

Tonight, tonight it’s been such a good time
We have been here for so long
laughing and joking at things that aren’t funny
One more drink, one more laugh, one more song

Hey, Say how’ve ya been
Thanks for asking I’m doing alright
Hey, Sure nice to see an old friend
That’ll stay up drinking all night

Well this ones a toast to the man in corner
Standing up and drowning his pain
And this one goes out to the girl at the bar
Who says everyone is insane


Well, I’m smelling sweet smells of wine and cheap perfume
Drinking each draft pitcher dry
We’re talking ’bout old times when things weren’t so easy
What brought us here tell us how tell us why


A voice bellows out somewhere near the bar
Telling us that it is last call
We’re rushing quite slowly to get one last drink
And as we stand up we give it our all

(Chorus) x2

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