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Best of the Bush – Volume 1 (Compilation) – (2012)

Short Notice’s song “Sanctuary” is included on this compilation disc put out by Riverfest. The disc includes such acts as Lee Aaron, The Stanfields, Stone Mary and many more. The artists included on this disc represent acts that have performed at Riverfest since 2004. Only 100 copies of this disc have been printed. The first of an ongoing series.

Sanctuary – (2010)

Recorded at the band’s studio “Pit Productions”. This 17 song disc “Sanctuary” once again mixes up the bands influences based on a rock foundation. Proving that it isn’t just wine that gets better with age, Short Notice bring forth a mix of contagious melodies and infectious hooks that not even a doctor could prescribe medication to shake off. This disc was designed to have you humming along on first listen and have you singing aloud thereafter.

With signature songs “When Did Love Become a Crime” and “The Last Chevrolet”, you will only begin your musical journey. Of course in true Short Notice fashion there will be many a twist along the way with the country stylings of “Pour Me Another” and “Dirt Road” The you’ll take a fast left into the traditional with “Then It’s Back Home” and “Westray” (a powerful ballad of the Nova Scotia mining disaster). This is one disc that won’t soon be leaving your player.


Knockouts – (2004)

This album was recorded, mixed and produced by the band.Recorded in the bands recording sanctuary “Pit Productions”, the faced no limitations.Spawning the #1 radio hit “Radio” and spin off singles “Scattered” and “So Why”.This was the bands first time in the studio as a trio, with the members performing various instruments which has brought to life “Knockouts”.


Halifax Plugged-In II (Compilation) – (2001)

This was the second in a popular series of compilation CDs put out by Denmark Productions of Halifax, NS.Short Notice has two songs on this disc with then singer Ted Woundy. Wishing Well which later went on to be re-recorded and placed on “Knockouts” as well as “Jaded”.This is the only disc that you will be able to find the song “Jaded”.So if you are a fan of the band make sure you pick up this disc to check out a forgotten tune by the band “Jaded”.


In Tune and On Time (Compilation) – (2000)

Recorded as part of this compilation from a studio in Bridgewater, NS (Clarkcom). The band recorded their first rendition of “Wishing Well”.This version features Ted Woundy on lead vocals and Don Ayer lending a sweet higher harmony.Once again, a rare gem of a recording for the band and well worth a listen to hear the quicker and heavier side of “Wishing Well”.


The Canadian Independent Box Set (Compilation) – (2000)

Short Notice’s song “Blame” from the “Just Breathe” album is featured on the largest collection of independent music ever distributed as a box set.Now sold out. This is a prized piece of indie artists that any music lover whom is fortunate to own is proud to do so.


Just Breathe – (1999)

Just Breathe was the bands debut full length album.Recorded at Denmark Production of Halifax, NS.With the release of this disc also came a rebirth of the band. This disc was a stepping stone, opening the doors for many new venues. The singles “Blame” and “Who’s The Lonely One” both hit #1 on FM radio.


Halifax Plugged-In (compilation) – (1997)

While recording the debut album “Just Breathe”. Denmark Productions was introducing a new soon to be series of compilation discs made up of artists from the Halifax area.Short Notice jumped on the chance to be part of what would grow into a yearly release anticipated by local musicians and industry professionals.Two songs from “Just Breathe” appear on this eclectic disc; “Blame” and “You’re The One”.


Cover Song Demo – (1996)

In efforts to build more venues to bring their brand of music, the band recorded two cover songs.”Gel” by Collective Soul and “Can’t Get Enough” by Bad Company were recorded at Denmark Productions.This cassette is now out of circulation.


All Outta Pennies- (1994)

As all young bands do, the desire to record originals was over-whelming.This 6 song cassette of originals was recorded at The Sound Sanctuary in Chester Basin by Randy Daniels on a $300 budget on a weekend back in ’94.This is a true collectors item for any fan of the band.

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