us1Energetic, rehearsed, professional, charismatic, entertaining, talented and approachable. These are all words that you may become acquainted with when you meet this band. If you are looking for a good time and good music, you need SHORT NOTICE.

1992 saw the beginnings of this dynamic group. All passionate musicians, they started playing together because they simply loved to make music. They found a commonality in their love of Top 40 rock and their more current radio friendly influences producing commercially successful music.

Shawn Hardy (guitars) and Tony Rogers’ (drums) shared vocal duties are seductive yet powerful. While founding member Jason McCorriston (bass) rounds out this musical trio. This along with the band’s charisma and talent, propelled the boys from their garage venue to the stages of bars and lounges throughout Nova Scotia. Their fans are many, loyal and growing with each performance.slider4

“Just Breathe”, was the debut CD from this electrifying band from Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Their disk was designed to satisfy the senses of those who appreciate the primal rush that can come from both a rippin’ rock beat as well as a breath-taking ballad.

The band’s 2nd full length disc “Knockouts” release followed in July of 2004, the bands performance schedule grew larger daily. The sound on “Knockouts” has been compared to Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20 and the Maritimes own Crush by radio industry professionals.

Winter 2010 saw the release of the band’s 3rd full length, original 17 song disc; “Sanctuary”. Showing the band hasn’t lost their stride since their previous recording, this disc is full of memorable songs. The style of the latest disc is based around the foundation of rock with such songs as “Get Off” and “When Did Love Become a Crime”. Fans of Short Notice know the band isn’t scared to stray away from their roots. Sanctuary also contains songs with a traditional and country influences.

shawn1While Short Notice pride themselves on their live shows, they let the music do the talking on each of their albums. With three full length discs now tucked firmly under their belts, it’s evident that Short Notice is here to stay.

With the first two CDs spawning number one hits on local radio, Short Notice look for more with “Sanctuary”.

Since the launch of their debut project in December of 1999, SHORT NOTICE has enjoyed radio airplay across Nova Scotia and eastern Canada, three number one songs on CKBW and repeat invitations to perform at ECMA’s 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2007

The bands constant touring is extensive and can only support the fact of the bands quality and demand. They entertain and delight audiences with a tasteful blend of their original material and Top 40 covers that continue to keep the dance floor moving.jason

A true testament to the bands diversity and professional level of performance was acknowledged when the band was honored with a nomination for Cover Band of the Year by the Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia.

Shawn Hardy – Guitars / Vocals

Tony Rogers – Drums / Vocals

Jason McCorriston – Bass / Backing Vocals

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