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When Did Love Become a Crime

Who can justify
When you don’t need a conscience
When did love become a crime

Foresee – Deep inside your mind
Guilty – No reason to rhyme
Tied down – Each and everyday
Make strides – In your own way

We’re all human
We all hear a different song
Tolerance is almost gone
When did love become a crime
Line between what’s right or wrong
Turned so grey it’s almost gone
When did love become a, When did love become a crime

Lately – The world had gone astray
Tell me – You have the strength to stay
Let go – Those feelings that won’t bind
Maybe – Love is what you’ll find

Lesson one can be so true
Don’t let this offend you
For granted we’ve taken this time
When did love become a crime

One Night Show

She’s got her fingers in my pocket
She’s standing on her tippy toes
Blood pressure rising like a rocket
As I fumble with her clothes
She runs her fingers through my hair

Do I care, oh, no no
I’ll sit back, Just watch her go
Our little dear, Who says so?
Ohh no, no, no, no
It’s just a one night show

She’s slippin’ on her fishnet stockin’s
She’s lighting up her cigarette
She lets her body do the talkin’
She takin’ all she can get
She’s never one to play it fair

Invited me home to her place
And threw it all back in my face
‘Cuz she thought that I was just gonna stay

Get Off

Smoked a big bomber at the end of the night
Hit the stoned wall at the speed of a lighter

Well I did your sister and your best friend too
Both at the same time, the day after you

Your mama’s lookin’ really good tonight
With her little satin dress couldn’t fit any tighter

But your mama’d look better with her top down low
Your mama can stay but your daddy gotta go

It’s time to party without any clothes
It’s the type of party where anything goes

I got off again
Chasing my way back down
Lust in this life I found
Screaming this demon down

Well I saw a little dancer at the end of the stage
Well if her daddy coulda seen her, woulda been in a rage

She was looking mighty nice at the end of the show
There were more than the lights a going down ya’ know

Find Me

I’m so alone in here
Social distorted fear
I can’t call out to you

The incandescent skies
At times they burn my eyes
Please help me make it through

This world moves all but around me
With thoughts encrypted code
The search is yet to surround me
I’m lost in a broken mode

Can you find me
Can you find me now
With inside me
I keep reaching out

Things moving way to fast
I’m surely gonna crash
I can’t explain myself

Why can’t you understand
I’m not just as you planned
But please don’t blame yourself

Storms of the heart

She had her heart broken
Even though it wasn’t right
He was there just to help her
Escape the lonely night
There with a shoulder
So eager to hold her

He whispered I love you
Underneath his breathe
He wasn’t prepared
How she’d look in that dress
Longing to hold her
The nights growing colder

A heart may grow older, But it heals in good time
Spirits unbroken, Still love you may find
Together we weather, Storms of the heart
Together we sever, To keep us apart

She whispered I need you
But just as a friend
I know I can’t love you
Still I will pretend
Love is not passion
That’s not what I’m askin’

One night alone
He whispered in the dark
Never will I roam
To keep us apart
One night together
And then it was gone
There was no forever
He knew all along

Then It's Back Home

One stormy night we were out upon the sea
My best friends Paul and Jacob, Lewis and me
For the big catch to feed our families
And things did change all for the worse
The waves did crash along our wooden hull
We closed our eyes and then we hoped like hell
We prayed to God that we would live to tell
A fishing life par for the course

Well it’s the life we lead and the life in which we choose
It’s all just consequence come in win or lose
To be out upon, upon the sea so blue
Then it’s back home to you

Old Jake was outside holding on for his life
The ship did toss in the black of night
The rain did pour death came to take a bite
Then in the sea my dear friend went
I couldn’t stand to see my best friend die
I screamed aloud I said oh dear lord why
The saltwater came to fill my eyes
It seemed from hell the demons sent

Just when I thought my heart had been torn out
The boat rock n’ rolled and thrashed about
Now as my feelings they all turned to doubt
So far away a beacons light
We were tossed around out upon the deck
This night was sure to make our boat a wreck
Would we get home by the skin of our necks
It seemed all black has turned to white

One life is lost in the log I wrote
Old Jake has gone to a higher coast
We poured the rum and then we made that toast
The sea has tamed herself once more

The Last Chevrolet

When I was a young boy my father would say
Workin’ man earns what a workin’ man’s paid

Get up every morning work hard everyday
Be true to your family be honest and brave

The whistle would call out at six everyday
Go punch the clock start to earn a days pay

There has to be some place they still think this way
And I don’t want to drive in the last Chevrolet

The last Chevrolet it ain’t easy to say
Just like driving a spike in the American way
All that I know is we’ve gone the wrong way
If there’s somebody driving the last Chevrolet

The rich folks drive Porsches and french Cabriolets
They don’t give a damn how the workin’ man pays

They cry about taxes then throw jobs away
And I don’t want to drive in the last Chevrolet

I'm Not Myself

I’m not myself I’m someone else
I don’t know who I am
Thought I knew I had a plan
I’m not myself who is this man

I’m not myself what should I do
Everything has changed but you
And all my friends are still the same
I’m not myself who is this man

Tomorrow comes the sun will rise
I’ll watch it dawn through someone’s eyes
Time and time will ebb and flow
Who will I be I just don’t know

I’m not myself who can I be
The only one I miss is me
Where did I go who can I blame
I’m not myself I’m not the same

Slapped In The Face

You’re looking over that chip that’s on your shoulder
Assess the situation and taste that sweet vibration
You’re looking under that thief that stole your thunder
It’s a competition break down into submission
Your talking nonsense let’s cut the suspense

Who’s gonna get lucky tonight
Your talking nonsense, your getting intense
On an electric fence waiting to get off on life
Slapped in the face again when will I ever win

You think your clever you’ve trampled down whoever
The power and the glory same old fucking story
You think that your a winner you end up a beginner
Just another sinner with chances getting slimmer

Pour Me Another Drink

Bartender don’t say it’s past last call
Give me a drink with some alcohol

You ask me why I’m underneath the bar
It’s cuz I lost my pick can’t find my guitar

Pour yourself a drink, Turn up the lights
Being sober on the weekend just ain’t right

Drink lotsa beer and we’ll all get drunk tonight

And we’ll sing pour me another drink
Sleeping all night with my head in the sink

Bartender don’t say I’ve had enough
I’m hugging my bottle cuz I’m falling in love

You see five beer and then you ask me why
It’s cuz I can’t get enough I’m a thirsty guy

Bartender pour me one to go
I’m switchin’ my drinkin’ into overload

You’ll ask me why I’m laying on the floor
It’s cuz I’m too damn drunk, can’t drink anymore

Onward & Forward

Life is just a slice of time
We’ll take all we can get
Through it all, the ups and downs
It makes our time legit
Got our life lines drawn again
So we won’t waste your time
Cuz’ we’ve decided not to die
And you won’t change our minds

On how we feel
So surreal
We’ll move onward and forward again
Onward and forward, onward and forward again

Life has a way to let you down That hasn’t been our case
Swallowed pride and alll in stride
Then stared fate in the face
Runnin’ hard on scrambled thoughts
Will surely waste your time
So now you better grab the world
While you’re still in your prime

It’s how we feel
So surreal

Life is just a fairy tale
That never seems to end
Like a drug you’ll come unplugged
Tell us can you comprehend
Running up and down this rock
Not wasting any time
Cuz’ we’ve decided not to die
And we won’t change our minds


God created Adam, God created Eve
God created paradise for them to never leave

God gave his conditions, they did not obey
Cast out for eternity, a heavy price to pay

It’s been so long I need sanctuary

Many sins unpardoned, time can’t take away
Banished from the garden, thrown into the fray

Left to bare the burden, man is born with sin
The good resides with evil, both are found within

It’s been so long I need sanctuary

Forty days and forty nights
It rained so hard we feared for our lives

Washed away all we became
The second chance is gone we hang our heads in shame

It’s been so long I need sanctuary
So long farewell sanctuary

Dirt Road

Dusty and dry choked by asphalt shirts and ties
Makes you want to cry how hard you work just to get by

Often find my mind wanderin’ of through time Down a dirt road
Twenty shades of green clear blue sky cold running streams

Only you and me, just as far as you can see
Air that you can breathe
God how much I long to be

Down a dirt road
Come on baby come on now
Dust and rocks a country mile
A feeling pavement just can’t give
Driving down the dirt road where you live

Everyone should know, the feel of freedoms peaceful glow
No worries gloom or woe, all is right in heaven and below

Feel your spirit grow farther from the beaten path you go
Down a dirt road

Come on baby come on now
Dust and rocks a country mile
Roll down you window let it go, I’ll slow down if you say so
Driving down the dirt road where you live

Something deep inside, natural and wild
Hidden in us all, hearin’ nature call
Down a dirt road

Looking Back

Looking back through a picture book
Of when we were just kids

I’d turn the page to take a look
And reminisce on what we did

I’d call you up say what are we gonna do
In this day that lies ahead

Maybe get a six pack, go swimming at the pier
Or talk about the things we coulda did instead

You must admit that it was fun
Being wild and on the run
We’d set our course on the midnight sun
You and me out on the run

We’d meet half way on the old railroad tracks
Where the water ran underneath the bridge

We’d talk a while, tell harmless lies
But then again we were just kids

We’d walk a while andit wouldn’t take long
Before you would reach under your coat

Out would come that old mason jar
And the whiskey was running down our throats

Time’s gone by and we sorta grew apart, isn’t that what life is all about
If I had a chance to do it all again, I’d do it without a doubt

een twenty years and I wonder how you are
What became of your soul

Do you look back and remember all those years
Where does the innocence go

On & On

People say you got something going on
Anyway I can’t bother with you for too long

Tell us this tell us that I can’t help hearin’ what you say
Brush me off pack your bag and hurry on your way

I can see what you’re supposed to be
And what you do to me while you just go

On and on
Hey yea

You tell me you can see the writing on the wall
How can that be if your doing nothing about it all

Questions remain answers all but used and gone
Now look away the mighty king is now a useless pawn

It’s time to be what we’re supposed to see
Let me go and set me free, now I can go

On and on

Cuz’ I, I still know wrong from right
It’s not far out of sight

Cuz’ I, I still know wrong from right
And I’m still in this fight


The flesh and bone and the steel’s entwined
There’s blood on the coal in the Westray mine
There’s blood on the coal in the Westray mine

Pictou county is Tory blue
Dyed in the wool and blue collar too
Elect a Prime Minister they’ll treat you kind
They’ll give you a job in the Westray mine

The foord seam coal is known to kill
Every scar on her face she has always filled
With the lives of the men who have loathe to find
To stay they must work in a foord seam mine

Knee deep in dust they worked every day
Inspectors and mine bosses looked the other way
You want to keep your job You will tow the line
Not a word leaves the bowels of the Westray mine

Recession makes men work where they should not stay
They will risk their lives for a good days pay
Till gas and politics grew too great to confine
Blew the roof off the ramp of the Westray mine

Bare faced miners and draegermen too
Did all that good brave men could do
But not a living soul was there left to find
After hell had it’s way in the Westray mine

Twenty two families were torn that day
Working men’s dreams simply snuffed away
While Frame and Phillips still live happy lives
They lose no sleep over the Westray mine

Many years have passed sadly little has changed
After all this time not one scoundrels’ paid
Till politicians lives are on the line
Good men will die in some Westray mine
The death blast roar and the sirens whine

Pray those husbands sons and brothers aren’t yours and mine
Leave their soul on the rock in the Westray mine
Leave their soul on the rock in the Westray mine

Top Of The Wheel

Look at your history
Useless technology
Steam rolling over you yea
While taking all that you’ve got to give
Those cogs are turning you
Turning you black and blue
Your futures laden with power
How much can they ring out of you by the hour

We’re running on top of the wheel
I can’t believe this is real It keeps on turning me away from truth
I keep looking back to see / What’s coming in front of me
It keeps on turning me away from truth

Short circuit circuitry
Find some humanity
You have to stand o your own
Once all your crutches are gone
Just use the time you got
Or YouTube eats it up
You sweep it under the rug
They might just turn around and pull the plug

All songs (c) SOCAN 2010 – All Rights Reserved

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