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Upcoming shows
Oakley StablesChester Grant, Nova Scotia12/15/18TBDMap
Not Available For Booking12/31/18TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia02/16/199:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/08/198:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/09/198:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/15/198:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/16/198:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionWestern Shore, Nova Scotia05/03/199:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking05/17/198:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking05/18/198:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking05/25/198:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking06/01/19TBDMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia06/29/1910:00pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia08/31/1910:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking10/05/198:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia10/26/199:00pmMap
Past show archive
Not Available For Booking11/24/18TBDMap
Not Available For Booking11/23/18TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionWestern Shore, Nova Scotia11/16/189:00pmUpstairs HallMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia10/27/189:00pmMap
Fire HallNew Ross, NS10/20/189:00pmMap
Private PartyChester, Nova Scotia09/22/189:00pmMap
Chester Curling RinkChester, NS09/15/189:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking09/14/18TBDMap
New Ross FairgroundsNew Ross, Nova Scotia09/08/188:00pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia09/01/1810:00pmMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/11/18TBDMap
Lordly ParkChester, Nova Scotia08/07/185:00pmMap
74th Cruisaders Club HouseAnnapolis Royal, Nova Scotia08/04/18TBDMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia07/28/189:00pmMap
WeddingChester Basin, Nova Scotia07/14/18TBDMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia07/07/1810:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking05/26/18TBDMap
Shore Club Hubbards, NS05/25/18TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia05/19/189:00pmMap
Spirits on the MerseyLiverpool, Nova Scotia04/28/1810:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking04/27/188:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking04/14/188:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/31/18TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/30/18TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/24/18TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/23/18TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/03/18TBDMap
Sunset PubDigby, NS03/02/189:30pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionBerwick, NS02/03/188:30pmMap
Fire HallBrooklyn, NS01/27/189:00pmMap
Oakley StablesChester Grant, Nova Scotia12/16/178:00pmMap
Chester Curling ClubChester, NS12/09/179:00pmMap
Big LeaguesDartmouth, Nova Scotia11/19/17TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia11/18/179:00pmMap
Fire HallWestern Shore, Nova Scotia10/28/179:00pmMap
Fire HallNew Ross, NS10/21/179:00pmMap
Community CentreWoods Harbour, Nova Scotia10/14/1710:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking10/07/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking10/06/17TBDMap
Chester Curling RinkChester, NS09/16/179:00pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia09/02/179:00pmMap
Private FunctionEast Dalhousie, Nova Scotia08/26/17TBDMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/19/17TBDMap
Lordly ParkChester, Nova Scotia08/15/17TBDMap
Private PartyChester, Nova Scotia08/12/178:00pmMap
74th Cruisaders Club HouseAnnapolis Royal, Nova Scotia08/05/17TBDMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia07/22/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking07/15/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking07/14/17TBDMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia07/08/179:00pmMap
Oakhill FirehallOakhill, Nova Scotia06/10/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking06/03/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking06/02/17TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia05/27/179:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionNew Germany, Nova Scotia04/29/179:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking04/01/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/31/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/25/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/24/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/18/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/17/17TBDMap
Chester Curling ClubChester, NS02/25/179:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionBerwick, NS02/04/178:30pmMap
Not Available For Booking01/28/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking01/27/17TBDMap
Not Available For Booking01/14/17TBDMap
Oakley StablesChester Grant, Nova Scotia12/17/168:00pmMap
Atlantica Oak IslandWestern Shore, NS12/16/169:00pmMap
Best WesternLiverpool, Nova Scotia12/10/169:00pmMap
Atlantica Oak IslandWestern Shore, NS12/09/169:00pmMap
Ken-Wo Golf ClubNew Minas, Nova Scotia11/26/168:30pmMap
Blandford Community CentreBlandford, Nova Scotia10/29/169:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionNew Germany, Nova Scotia10/22/169:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia09/24/169:00pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia09/17/1610:00pmMap
Shipyard LandingBridgewater, Nova Scotia09/05/162:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking08/27/168:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking08/26/168:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking08/20/168:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking08/19/168:00pmMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/13/16TBDMap
Lordly ParkChester, Nova Scotia08/09/166:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking08/06/16TBDMap
74th Cruisaders Club HouseAnnapolis Royal, Nova Scotia07/30/169:00pmMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia07/23/169:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking07/22/168:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking07/16/168:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking07/15/168:00pmMap
Falcourt InnNictaux, Nova Scotia07/02/168:00pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia06/18/168:00pmMap
Back Alley LoungeBridgewater, Nova Scotia05/27/168:00pmMap
Spirits on the MerseyLiverpool, Nova Scotia05/20/169:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking04/16/168:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking04/15/168:00pmMap
Back Alley LoungeBridgewater, Nova Scotia03/25/168:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia03/19/169:00pmMap
Community CentreWoods Harbour, Nova Scotia03/12/169:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionBerwick, NS02/06/168:30pmMap
Freeman's Little New YorkHalifax, Nova Scotia01/23/169:15pmMap
Montes Showbar & GrillDartmouth, Nova Scotia01/15/168:00pmMap
Oakley StablesChester Grant, Nova Scotia12/19/158:00pmMap
Best WesternLiverpool, Nova Scotia12/05/159:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia11/21/159:00pmMap
Community CentreWoods Harbour, Nova Scotia10/17/159:00pmMap
Blandford Community CentreBlandford, Nova Scotia10/10/158:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia09/19/159:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking09/12/15TBDMap
Shipyard LandingBridgewater, Nova Scotia09/07/153:00pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia08/29/158:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking08/22/15TBDMap
Not Available For Booking08/21/15TBDMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/15/15TBDMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia07/25/159:00pmMap
Private Function Bridgetown, Nova Scotia07/18/158:00pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia07/11/158:00pmMap
40th AnniversaryMiddlewood, Nova Scotia06/27/158:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia06/20/159:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking05/09/15TBDMap
Not Available For Booking05/08/15TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionNew Germany, Nova Scotia04/25/159:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking04/18/15TBDMap
Not Available For Booking04/17/15TBDMap
King's CornerBridgewater, Nova Scotia04/10/157:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia03/21/158:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/14/15TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/13/15TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia02/14/159:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionBerwick, NS02/07/158:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester Basin, Nova Scotia01/17/159:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia11/22/149:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionNew Germany, Nova Scotia10/25/14TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia09/13/149:00pmMap
King's CornerBridgewater, Nova Scotia09/12/148:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking09/06/148:00pmMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/16/14TBDMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia07/26/149:00pmPrivateMap
Private Function Bridgetown, Nova Scotia07/19/148:00pmMap
King's CornerBridgewater, Nova Scotia07/11/148:00pmMap
Spirits on the MerseyLiverpool, Nova Scotia06/07/1410:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking05/31/14TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia04/26/149:00pmMap
Spirits on the MerseyLiverpool, Nova Scotia04/12/1410:00pmMap
King's CornerBridgewater, Nova Scotia04/11/147:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/29/14TBDMap
Not Available For Booking03/28/14TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia03/14/149:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/08/148:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/01/148:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking02/28/148:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking02/22/148:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking02/21/148:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionBerwick, NS02/01/14TBDMap
Tops'l Tavern & GrillBridgewater, Nova Scotia01/18/1410:00pmMap
Spirits on the MerseyLiverpool, Nova Scotia01/04/149:30pmMap
Best Western PlusBridgewater, Nova Scotia12/28/13TBDPrivateMap
Oakley StablesChester Grant, Nova Scotia12/21/138:00pmPrivateMap
LP Union Xmas Party Chester, Nova Scotia12/07/139:00pmPRIVATEMap
Christmas on the LahaveBridgewater11/24/13TBDParadeMap
Tops'l Tavern & GrillBridgewater, Nova Scotia11/09/138:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia11/02/13TBDFoodbank FundraiserMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester Basin, Nova Scotia10/26/139:00pmHalloween DanceMap
Montes Showbar & GrillDartmouth, Nova Scotia10/18/13TBDwith Devils ElbowMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia09/27/139:00pmMap
Spirits on the MerseyLiverpool, Nova Scotia09/21/139:30pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia08/24/139:00pmMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/17/139:00pmMap
WeddingLaHave, Nova Scotia08/10/138:00pmMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia07/20/139:00pmMap
Spirits on the MerseyLiverpool, Nova Scotia07/13/139:30pmNo Cover Map
Private PartyChester, Nova Scotia06/22/138:00pmMap
Relay For LifeChester, Nova Scotia06/21/139:00pmMap
Oakhill FirehallOakhill, Nova Scotia06/15/13TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia06/01/13TBDMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia04/26/139:00pmMap
Not Available For Booking03/09/138:00pmMap
Feaver & Co. Sports Bar & GrillChester, Nova Scotia03/02/13TBDMap
Not Available For Booking02/02/138:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia01/25/139:00pmMap
Oakley StablesChester Grant, Nova Scotia12/22/129:00pmMap
LP Union Xmas Party Chester, Nova Scotia12/01/129:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia11/03/1211:30pmMap
Feaver & Co. Sports Bar & GrillChester, Nova Scotia10/27/1210:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia09/21/129:00pmMap
Feaver & Co. Sports Bar & GrillChester, Nova Scotia09/15/1210:00pmMap
Community CentreTancook Island, Nova Scotia08/25/129:00pmMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/18/129:00pmMap
Lutheran Church CampMush-a-Mush, Nova Scotia08/11/129:30pmMap
Fire HallMahone Bay, Nova Scotia08/04/129:00pmMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia07/21/129:30pmMap
Fire HallBlockhouse, Nova Scotia05/05/123:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionNew Germany, Nova Scotia04/28/129:00pmMap
Park View Education CentreBridgewater, Nova Scotia03/23/128:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia03/16/129:00pmMap
Feaver & Co. Sports Bar & GrillChester, Nova Scotia12/31/1110:00pmMap
Oakley StablesChester Grant, Nova Scotia12/17/119:00pmMap
LP Union Xmas Party Chester, Nova Scotia12/03/119:00pmMap
Feaver & Co. Sports Bar & GrillChester, Nova Scotia10/29/1110:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia09/30/119:00pmMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/20/119:00pmMap
Fo'c'sle TavernChester, Nova Scotia08/11/119:00pmMap
Fire HallMahone Bay, Nova Scotia07/30/119:00pmMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia07/23/119:30pmMap
Feaver & Co. Sports Bar & GrillChester, Nova Scotia07/16/1110:00pmMap
Relay For LifeChester, Nova Scotia06/18/1110:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionNew Germany, Nova Scotia04/30/119:00pmMap
Feaver & Co. Sports Bar & GrillChester, Nova Scotia04/23/1110:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia03/18/119:00pmMap
Fire HallMahone Bay, Nova Scotia12/11/108:00pmMap
Union HallEast River, Nova Scotia12/04/109:00pmMap
DoolysChester, Nova Scotia11/13/1011:30pmMap
DoolysChester, Nova Scotia10/30/109:00pmMap
The Reservoir Bistro and LoungeWindsor, Nova Scotia10/23/109:00pmMap
Alley 9Liverpool, Nova Scotia10/16/109:30pmMap
Tomorrow's LoungeBridgewater, Nova Scotia09/25/1010:00pmMap
Greg's P.P.P.Beech Hill, Nova Scotia09/04/109:00pmMap
WeddingNew Germany, Nova Scotia08/21/108:00pmMap
RiverfestPine Grove, Nova Scotia08/14/109:00pmMap
Fo'c'sle TavernChester, Nova Scotia08/12/109:00pmMap
Oakley StablesChester Grant, Nova Scotia08/07/108:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia08/06/109:00pmMap
Fire HallMahone Bay, Nova Scotia07/31/109:00pmMap
WeddingChester, Nova Scotia07/24/108:00pmMap
WeddingChester Basin, Nova Scotia07/17/108:00pmMap
DoolysChester, Nova Scotia06/26/109:30pmMap
Ocean ViewChester, Nova Scotia06/19/108:00pmMap
Relay For LifeChester, Nova Scotia06/18/1010:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia06/04/109:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia05/09/109:00pmMap
Apple Berry FarmBridgewater, Nova Scotia05/08/1011:00amMap
Royal Canadian LegionNew Germany, Nova Scotia04/03/109:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester, Nova Scotia03/26/109:00pmMap
Royal Canadian LegionChester Basin, Nova Scotia01/23/109:00pmMap


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